Our Story

We know what it feels like to be hurting and alone. We also know what it feels like to be helped in those times of great need. We are reaching out with compassion because we have been shown compassion. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to God for sending people in our paths when we needed a helping hand.

It is said people may forget what you do for them but how you made them feel will leave an imprint on their hearts forever. Out of that overflow Love Planet was born.





Last year we added our newest program namely Jeffro's Heroes founded by our son Jeff Ritter. Jeffro's Heroes uses the power and positivity of superheroes to bring hope and smiles to sick and needy children and raise funds for their parents in their time of need. Jeffro's Heroes participated and have been employed by numerous companies, charities and events in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. This is an exciting time for Love Planet to see exciting programs such as Jeffro's Heroes make a difference in children's lives in such a fun and effective way. To learn more Jeffro's Heroes or for bookings simply click on the Jeffro's Heroes page.


Our history

Love Planet was founded in 2010 by recording artists Barry and Karen Stoffberg. Their mission was to simply spread love through the popular medium of the arts. Over the last 7 years they launched various programs, one of them was focused on seniors with advanced Alzheimer's. They found music to be one of the most therepeautic mediums for those seniors where they witnessed many of the patients showing extraordinary memory skills in recalling the lyrics and tunes of their favorite classics while they performed Jazz and oldies at many of the local Nursing homes and Alzheimer's Care centers.

Barry and Karen Stoffberg are music professionals with a combined history of more than 50 years in the music entertainment industry. Both Barry and Karen started very early in the music business. Karen sang in her dads wedding band when she was a teen and Barry played in bands since he was 14 years old. Their successful Jazz duo The Barry Charles Band performs regularly for weddings and parties throughout the country. In 2002 they started their nursing home program at Darcy Hall in West Palm Beach where every Thursday for 2 years they performed for the Darcy Hall residents while performing Jazz and R&B on the weekends at events across South Florida. Even though The Love Planet became incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2010, their community activism goes back decades.



Karen currently resides in East Tennessee. She is a wife, mom and grandma and enjoys writing new music, singing and spending time with family.

Vice President

Barry also lives in East Tennessee. He is a husband, dad and grandpa. He enjoys producing music for unsigned artists, composing original music, officiating weddings and performing Jazz and Oldies on the piano.

Vice President

President and Founder of Jeffro's Heroes

Jeff is the founder and director of Jeffro's Heroes. He lives in Palm Beach County, Florida. Jeff is the father of two beautiful young kids. He loves spending time with his fiancé, daughter, son and family on his off days.


Vice President of Jeffro's Heroes

Kara lives in Palm Beach County, Florida. She is a fiancé and mom and assists with all Jeffro's Heroes programming and administration. She enjoys spending time with family, volunteering and is going to school to be a nurse.


For more information or for bookings please call Barry or Karen at 561-371-3701. To book Jeffro's Heroes call Jeff at 561-283-5687 or visit the Jeffro's Heroes site here by clicking on the Jeffro's Heroes Website button.